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Meet the Federation Team

Executive Head                                            Rachel Waite


The Heads                                                     Kate Porter                   Brindishe Manor

                                                                           Katie Matthews           Brindishe Green

                                                                           Sian Bannister             Brindishe Lee


Our Priorities

  • Developing leadership at all levels
  • Filling in the missing gaps, the lost learning
  • Our curriculum: embedding the new curriculum and assessing its impact
  • Further develop our inclusive community
  • Providing opportunities for all to aspire
  • Embed early reading across the school, getting it right from the start
  • Define our clear lines of communication, develop our IT resources and create digital learners

How do we work as a team?

As a group of leaders

  • We aim to make the most of our shared resources, maintain high expectations and secure high standards in a collaborative way
  • We build leadership sustainability and create opportunities for staff at all levels to receive high quality training and leadership experiences
  • We recognise the importance of individuality, spontaneity and creativity in developing innovation
  • We seek to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of each school by capitalising on centralised services and sharing systems and procedures
  • We offer excellent professional development for current practitioners, leaders and future recruits to the profession

In partnership with each other

  • We work in partnership and pool our expertise to achieve collectively what we may not be able to achieve individually
  • We promote a collaborative approach whilst developing the capacity of each school to serve its own community
  • We have developed approaches which we know make the most significant impact on pupil outcomes

As a community

  • Staff, pupils and families have opportunities for growth through links with our partners, schools and a wide range of enrichment activities