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Meet the Team

Welcome to the governors section of the Brindishe Federation websites.

Here you'll find information about the Governing Body, which is made up of local people who come from a variety of backgrounds, professions and walks of life but who are united in wanting the best education possible for our children. Find out who we are below. And if you'd like to know more about the Governing Body or may be interested in becoming a governor, please email me, Liz Murphy, the chair of governors, at

Liz Murphy

Liz Murphy

Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor

I’ve been a Brinidshe governor for 15 years, starting as a parent governor at Brindishe Lee then sitting on the governing bodies of each of the other schools as a co-opted governor, before we all finally came together into the Brindishe Federation of Schools.

Both my daughters attended Brindishe Lee and although I’m originally from Renfrew in Scotland, I’ve lived in Lee Green for 30 years. I’ve been a journalist both in national newspapers and magazines for the last 43 years, and I’m also a Pilates teacher.

I became a governor initially out of a sense of curiosity – how does a school become and stay outstanding? – and 15 years later I’m very proud that all three schools in the Federation remain consistently outstanding.

As chair of governors, my role is to form and lead an engaged, effective and impactful governing body that can best support the staff, children and wider community of our three amazing schools.

John Myers

John Myers

Vice Chair of Governors

Community Governor

I'm proud to have been a governor at the Brindishe Federation of Schools for 10 years since I moved to Hither Green. During that time I've had two children, and my eldest has recently started at Brindishe Green.

Growing up in a household of teachers, I've always been interested in education, and I work at the Department for Education on children's social care. I care deeply about how the schools are continually learning and improving to provide the very best for our children, family and community.

I took on Link Governor responsibility for Health and Safety with, I admit, some trepidation. But I've learnt it's at the core of what schools are about. All three schools care deeply about keeping all of the children safe and well, and are constantly improving how they do this.



Eleni Papastavrou

Eleni Papastavrou

Staff Governor

I joined Brindishe Green School in October 2002 and I initially held the position of Support Staff Governor between the years 2002-2010. During these years I have witnessed and contributed (along with my esteemed colleagues) to the positive changes that has led to the success of our pupils.

By profession, I am a qualified Teacher specialised in Mathematics. I have always held a keen interest in Education (over 30 years experience) and take pride having helped children from Y2 to Y6 

I lead First Aid including Medical provision, monitoring accidents and assisting pupils with allergies.

I am delighted to meet the families of our pupils, including valued members of our community so that we can all work together to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our school children.

Claire Friend

Claire Friend

Co-opted Governor & lead governor for safeguarding

As Lead Governor for Safeguarding from 2023 I will work to ensure a safe and secure environment for children, where they are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. Working as a doctor, I am passionate about pupil health and wellbeing, science and maths education.

I am parent of two children at Brindishe Lee and enjoy being an active member of the school community, regularly volunteering with F@B fundraising events. I was delighted to be elected Parent Governor in October 2022 and look forward to supporting the Brindishe Federation in its mission to provide the very best education for all children.

Svitlana Gavrylova

Svitlana Gavrylova

Community Governor

I am currently a Data Management practice lead in one of the major Cloud Providers. I provide expert counsel to organisations planning to implement data management systems on the Public Cloud, including advice on the cost-effective allocation of resources, target state architecture, and risk mitigation via disaster recovery and high-availability strategies. 

Prior to this, I have held several positions leading and managing Data engineering and Global database service teams in the leading investment bank. 

Outside of work, I actively participate in the working group of the Enterprise Data Management Council – a leading Global Association. Additionally, I participate in several mentoring programs for junior colleagues, university students, and the Women's Developer Academy participants. I also provide advisory and mentorship to Charities and Small Businesses enterprises.

I hold a Bachelor's and Specialist degrees from the Institute for the Applied Systems Analysis of the National Technical University of Ukraine, MSc in Advanced Computer Science with ICT Management from the University of Manchester, MBA from Durham University.

Adrian Prandle 

Adrian Prandle 

Parent Governor & lead governor for SEND

I was elected as parent governor for a four-year term in autumn 2022 and took on responsibility for 2022/23 as lead governor for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, working with the three schools’ inclusion leads. I’m committed to providing opportunities for all pupils – whatever their needs, interests or background – and want to contribute to our community in what is not an easy time for schools and for families.

My two children attend Brindishe Lee, but the role of parent governor is to represent, on the governing body, the views of parents from Brindishe Manor, Brindishe Green and Brindishe Lee – supporting and challenging the federation in all it does for pupils and our community.

Professionally I work in national education policy with daily contact with practitioners and policy-makers at the highest levels of government – so hopefully can draw on that experience and knowledge, as well as that from being a parent.

Maintaining good contact with parents in all three schools is important to me – do look out for updates in the newsletter.

Monique Wallace 

I have worked for Lewisham Council for over 20 years, 18 years of which I spent as a Town Planner.  For the last 3 years, I have been working to deliver affordable homes for Lewisham residents.

My passion is about people and places. I’m professionally and personally invested in creating great places to live, work and learn in Lewisham as it has been my home for more than 40 years.

In my spare time, I mentor young adults who want to foster a career in the built environment.

I know and understand the importance of a good education.  I am keen to become a school governor because I want to contribute to, and be part of, the journey of children exploring what they are passionate about.  I am enthusiastic, caring, supportive and dependable. I want to use those attributes and, together with the other school Governors, ensure that children have the right support, tools and confidence to find, and use what makes them unique.  Happy, well-rounded and confident children will become happy and well-rounded adults and I believe that the Brindishe Federation comprises the fundamental tools to support the positive development of the children who attend the schools. 


Dominic Michel

I joined the Governing Board in December 2023 after continually meeting kind, inspiring Brindishe students while chasing my son around Manor House Gardens. 

I am both passionate and curious about how our schools shape our children and contribute to the wider community. My first job was as a primary school English teacher in Vietnam. I now work for a venture capital fund investing in businesses across Africa which create social and environmental impact. I am also a Chartered Accountant. I hope to draw on these experiences to contribute to the Governing Board and help the Brindishe schools continue to thrive.

Alison Wiggins (she/her)

I am a committed educator and believe passionately in the power of education to transform lives. I currently work as a Lecturer and Subject Leader at UCL university. I am responsible for the secondary PGCE Social Sciences and Psychology programmes and I support 50 new teachers a year in getting the qualifications, skills and confidence they need to go on and make a difference to the lives of young people. I also lead work across the Secondary PGCE programme at UCL on PSHE/RSE and Anti-racism and am undertaking my EdD focused on the intersections of race and gender in Education. 

I also work with the Premier League on their ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign in Primary and Secondary schools and for the School of Sexuality Education, delivering workshops for both teachers and young people on RSE.

Before I began working as a university educator, I was a secondary school teacher, teaching Sociology, Psychology, Health and Social Care, History, Geography, RE/RS, PSHE/RSE and Business Studies at KS3-KS5, in London Secondary Schools from 2008-2021 whilst also leading departments and faculties.

I am a lead volunteer at my local Soup Kitchen and Food Bank, a committed Christian, and godmother to 14 amazing children and young people. I am determined to use all my skills, experience and knowledge to support the children, staff, parents/carers and communities of the Brindishe Federation schools.

I become a co-opted governor in summer 2023 and am looking forward to continuing to work with our team as Lead Governor for Equalities.

Helen Fine

I have three children - two of whom are at Brindishe Manor and one who is now at high school. I was pleased to be elected as a parent governor in February 2024 and look forward to working with all the governors and the broader school community to ensure all Brindishe children are provided the best possible education. 

Shareen Genas 

My family have lived in the Lewisham borough for many years and have witnessed lots of changes to the area. For the past 10 years I have been working as a Special Educational Needs Officer and as Family Support Practitioner for various local authorities and recently have begun working within the community.  

I have a passion for working with families providing support and equipping them with the knowledge to thrive healthily and happily. I believe a child should be given opportunities despite their race, culture or neuro-divergence.

I decided to become a school governor because through my roles I have been attending many meetings where there was a lack of representation of people that look, sound and grew up like me. I observed meetings where professionals had no awareness of how to communicate, work with families or understand the differences of the family, child, or young person.

As school governor, I wish to promote the inclusion of the diverse school community and the diversity of the community surrounding the school. I believe in schools promoting support and safe spaces for children and their families. 

With my experiences I hope to be able to support children and young people to access a wider knowledge of not only their community but also the world to help inform the kind of adult they want to be.