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In September 2010 Brindishe Green and Brindishe Lee schools came together as The Brindishe Federation of Schools, the first of its kind in primary schools in Lewisham. The Federation was added to in September 2014 when Lee Manor joined as Brindishe Manor.

While the three schools in the Federation have their own identity and separate school numbers, they have one governing body – a group of 12 people who share the single aim of ensuring that all Brindishe children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential through the very best primary education possible.

The influence of the Governing Body and the schools extends wider than the Brindishe community. We share our experience and our expertise with other primary schools in the Lewisham borough, and have built links with secondary schools and universities.

In order to achieve our aim and to support other schools, the Brindishe Governing Body has to be forward-thinking, working smarter and focussed on the priorities, have the confidence to share learning, embrace the right challenges and changes when they’re beneficial to our children, be responsive, responsible and receptive. Above all, we have to have the patience to allow the schools to grow and develop while still ensuring that all the children are receiving an outstanding, rounded education.

Aspirations within the Brindishe Federation are high and the Governing Body, staff, parents and children are prepared to work as a team to reach them because we’re all firmly of the belief that while individually we’re effective, together we’re more.