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Meet the Federation Team

Executive Head                                            Rachel Waite


The Heads                                                     Kate Porter                   Brindishe Manor

                                                                           Katie Matthews           Brindishe Green

                                                                           Sian Bannister             Brindishe Lee


Schools Business Manager                                       Fulya Kiroglu

Finance Manager                                                           Karen Wakeling

Human Resources Manager                                       Ruth Foster

Procurement Manager                                                 Nikki Tatler

Pupil Manager                                                                  Silva Karner-Naumoski

Admin Officer                                                                  Leigh Barnes

IT Managers                                                                     Aleks Piatkowski

                                                                                              Michael Payne


Safeguarding, Attendance and Welfare Officer           Clare Doran


Our Priorities

  • Developing leadership at all levels
  • Filling in the missing gaps, the lost learning
  • Our curriculum: embedding the new curriculum and assessing its impact
  • Further develop our inclusive community
  • Providing opportunities for all to aspire
  • Embed early reading across the school, getting it right from the start
  • Define our clear lines of communication, develop our IT resources and create digital learners

How do we work as a team?

As a group of leaders

  • We aim to make the most of our shared resources, maintain high expectations and secure high standards in a collaborative way
  • We build leadership sustainability and create opportunities for staff at all levels to receive high quality training and leadership experiences
  • We recognise the importance of individuality, spontaneity and creativity in developing innovation
  • We seek to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of each school by capitalising on centralised services and sharing systems and procedures
  • We offer excellent professional development for current practitioners, leaders and future recruits to the profession

In partnership with each other

  • We work in partnership and pool our expertise to achieve collectively what we may not be able to achieve individually
  • We promote a collaborative approach whilst developing the capacity of each school to serve its own community
  • We have developed approaches which we know make the most significant impact on pupil outcomes

As a community

  • Staff, pupils and families have opportunities for growth through links with our partners, schools and a wide range of enrichment activities