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Vision & Values

The Vision

Our Federation of Brindishe Schools respect and celebrate the rich, diverse community that surrounds us. We encourage individuality and ensure that children and staff are empowered to follow their own curiosity from their starting points or interests. We discover how to become the best learners that we can be, developing our knowledge, skills, interests and needs through an ambitious and inclusive curriculum which represents our schools and the world we live in. 

The Brindishe vision is that every child will be... 

Curious, Compassionate, Confident, Collaborative, Committed   

At Brindishe, we nurture a culture of mutual respect, positivity and inquisitiveness. This ensures our children become champions of their own learning and relationships. We provide a platform for learners to recognise and regulate their wellbeing, so they can be physically and mentally healthy and, in a position, to thrive and make the best progress they can. 

Leaving the Federation is leaving feeling valued, empowered and energised to be part of and to contribute to a diverse world and to know how to continue to make a difference. 

Our Values

Children, families and staff at Brindishe Schools are drawn from a rich variety of backgrounds, identities, experiences and points of view. 

We value respect, courtesy and the recognition of individual differences. We work actively to ensure that all adults and children are given every opportunity to achieve, to recognise their own worth and to play an important part in our community. We actively promote the right of each person to know their own value, and to have this recognised and celebrated by others in the community that they form an integral part of.  

We expect and ensure that all children will reach their full potential. Each child’s contribution to the classroom and school is encouraged and valued. We make sure that they have the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability and to raise their individual academic achievement.